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Sunday Worship 10:30am


Power Kids:  Empowered by God



Children's Church is a place where your children come to learn about God in a deep and personal way.  It is a place where they can feel nurtured and safe - free to pursue their quest to learn all they can about God.  It also is a place where they can learn to be who God has called them to be and be the very best they can be - to learn how to pray, to help others, to share what they know about God, to embody God's love so others can see and lead others to Christ - and have fun while they do so.  We have lessons, activities, crafts, games and a prayer time to help them learn about God.


The Nursery is a nurturing safe and loving place where they can learn of God's deep love for them.



NLCC's child pick up policy is in place.  Children will not be released on their own, a parent must pick up their children immediately following the morning worship service.  For those kids that ride the van, they will be released to the van driver.